Blockchain Yugioh Token


If you’re not familiar with trading card games that are based on blockchain you might be wondering what the most notable differences between traditional tCGs as well as blockchain-based Yugi games are. Besides the fact that they’re both turn-based strategy games, blockchain Yugi games also have some distinct differences. One such difference is that a blockchain game is built on the Ethereum platform and makes use of immutable-X. Blockchain games can be played on a variety of platforms such as Androids, PCs, and IOS.

Yugioh Token

As the number of blockchain currencies continues to increase, you may be wondering how the Blockchain Yugioh Token will be utilized. The answer is simple: cryptocurrency. What exactly is cryptocurrency? And what does this have to relate to the game of cards? Let’s take a look at the concept and find out what it means. First, what exactly is a blockchain? It’s simply the digital representation of a physical artwork. It’s actually quite interesting!

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained, a no-cost trading card game that makes use of the Yugioh blockchain, which allows players to trade and own their in-game assets. In contrast to popular MMOs which allow players to only play with assets owned by companies in the game, Gods Unchained lets players own, trade and sell their own in-game assets. In fact Gods Unchained allows players to trade and sell their in-game assets, and the player gains the full ownership of their cards.

The game is akin to the physical card game and allows players to purchase and sell individual cards. Rare digital cards can be very valuable and the “Mythic” card was recently was purchased for $62,000. Gods Unchained offers 70 free cards, however expansion packs can provide more. To increase their collection, players can purchase random cards. In addition to the cards, players can purchase in-game assets like artifacts, rare creatures.

Crypto Spells

Crypto spells are a game that utilizes blockchain technology to play the game using a card and blockchain-based system. This game lets players put units on the field to fight the opposing leader. It is available on PC, Windows, and Android devices. This blockchain-based trading card game can also be played with the web browser. It features Ethereum-based in-game tokens. Crypto spells are playable on the PC, Android or IOS platforms.


Horizon has revealed plans to launch an online store decentralized, powered by the Ethereum blockchain in the near future. Players can trade cards gift cards, sell them for cryptocurrency, or even keep them in their digital wallet. Skyweaver is a no-cost game, but players will be able to sell their cards at the store. Horizon plans to introduce transaction fees in the future. Horizon is currently conducting closed beta testing.

Horizon Blockchain Games, the game’s developers have been working on Skyweaver for almost four years. The team has been constantly improving the game’s mechanics, user interface, and blockchain technology. The company has been able to preserve the integrity of the Web3 platform. In the last month, the company announced that 70% of its coming games will make use of blockchain technology. Horizon’s blockchain-based platform will also include games such as Everybody’s Marble and Metaworld. A3 Still Alive, the first play-to earn title in the field, will also be launched by the company.

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